Archive | June, 2013

I Just Can’t Take You.

24 Jun

How is it that I’m always the one to blame? 

I’m afraid I can no longer afford to play this game. 
You were everything I wanted and more, 
But I have to admit I was glad when you walked out the door.
Because I wasn’t strong enough to stay, 
Yet no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t walk away.
It’s like you put me under some kind of spell,
And you kept me under it until I fell.
And then you left me to handle everything on my own,
Losing you was just the start and now I’m alone.
I just wish you cared enough to make sure I was alright,
But I guess I understand you ignoring me because all we do is fight.
But if you ever remember how I gave you my all, 
If you ever miss me and decide to call,
Don’t even bother because i couldn’t take it,
Plus no matter what you have to say, i guarantee it’s a bunch of bullshit.

Most Things In Life-

21 Jun

* Cannot be taught, they have to be learned.
Like how to choose who to love, & that no matter who you choose they’ll break you in some way.
* Aren’t just given, they have to be earned.
Like respect, trust, & words of praise that others might say.
* Are extremely deceiving, & not what they seem to be.
Like boys actions, peoples empty words, & girls who act happy when they’re torn apart.
* Have to be felt, because it’s the best things in life that we can’t see.
Like the touch of a man who respects you, kisses, & all the love a girl can hold in her heart.
* Will seem as if you’re their target, or they’re out to get you.
Like cruel girls, douchebags, & your parents who make you feel like you’re in too deep.
* No matter how much you want them to be, just aren’t true.
Like fairy-tales, happy endings, & the promises you think someone will keep.
* Are simple, we just have a way of making them complicated.
Like always using kind words, & the choice to tell the truth or a lie.
* But most importantly; Most things in lie are beautiful, we’re just to blinded by this shallow world we’ve created.
Like nature, the feelings you get when someone says they care, & the fact that we’re all here living & we don’t even have a reason why. ❤