Who the hell am I?

Sooooo, me. I am complicated. Or at least I’d like to think so. I have trouble understanding myself. But I guess that’s me and every other 17 year old girl trying to find somewhere where we feel like we belong. I love writing. It is my passion. Not sure I could ever make it as a writer but I guess I can dream, right? I live in a very small and extremely boring town in Arizona. I’ve got more family than friends. Let’s just say I have a way of ruining relationships. I had a bestfriend Marlee, I’m not even sure we are friends anymore. But honestly that’s okay. My life is centered around boys. I have 6 brothers and the majority of my friends are guys. I have a very strong personality and am very stubborn. I’m the type of girl who believes in the moment, I love excitement. Which gets me into a lot of trouble. I’d rather be a complete and total spaz than to be someone who follows all the rules and never has any fun. Along with my 6 brothers, I have 3 sisters and my mom is expecting. So I guess I’m not the average 17 year old. The thing you’ll notice about me the most is that I’m bipolar, indecisive, and sometimes downright insane. But hey it’s who I am.
-feel free to judge-


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